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This site exists for one purpose only: to help dispel the ugly myth that poetry is boring. Granted, a lot of poetry is boring, but you won't find it here. At Your Daily Poem, you'll find poetry that is touching, funny, provocative, inspiring, and surprising. It may punch you in the gut, it may bring tears to your eyes, it may make you laugh out loud, but it most assuredly will not bore you.

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Margaret Chula

August, and ranunculus
surround the pond like a skirt of fire.

The gardener’s straw hat
bleeds with sweat

as he slices his scythe
through a field of rattlesnakes.

Chinchillas scuffle in their cages
lined with newspaper headlines of war.

One hundred of them will sacrifice
their pelts for Madame’s winter coat.

The white lotus folds its petals
against the heat

like a child huddled
in a bomb shelter.

From the open window, Chopin Etudes
skim the air with a blue patina. 

Then, the clink of ice cubes
in a glass of Campari

as Madame sashays
into cool wisteria shade.

Butterflies cascade down
the ripples of her kimono.
Just a whisper of her perfume
revives the afternoon. 

From Inside the Curtained Cage (forthcoming).
Used here with permission. 



Margaret Chula was born in Vermont, traveled around the world in the late ‘70s, lived in Kyoto for twelve years, and now resides in Portland, Oregon. She has published twelve books, most recently One Last Scherzo. Specializing in Japanese forms, Margaret teaches workshops at universities, Zen centers, and at poetry conferences. She enjoys hiking, swimming, gardening, and creating flower arrangements for every room of the house. Learn more about Margaret at



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